About Us

Food Safety Educators (FSE) is committed to providing quality training for food handlers. Based on our more than 40 years of combined food handler training experience, we understand the important role that properly trained and educated food handlers can play in improving food safety and reducing the risk of foodborne illness. That's why we created the easy-to-use, affordable eFoodcard Training Program.

The eFoodcard Training Program is America's official food handler course. It is recognized and accredited by the ANSI National Accreditation Board (ANAB) ID 1020, a leader in standards and conformity assessment that serves both U.S. business and the public good.

The eFoodcard program is easy to use. It includes all of the instructional materials that food handlers will need to learn about basic sanitation and food preparation and earn a certificate of course completion and a food handler card. All instructional materials and exams are available in English and Spanish.

Food Safety Educators (FSE) also is committed to providing excellent customer service. Our Customer Service Representatives are readily available to help in any way!