Eureka Food Handler Card and Certificate

Eureka Food Handler Card

Pay only when you pass!

How to Get Your California Food Handlers Card

Train for free - pay only after you pass. You are 3 short steps away from getting your state-approved California food safety card valid in Eureka. It is fast and easy!

To download and print your official California food handlers card and certificate:

  1. Complete the course.
  2. Pass the test.
  3. Make a payment.

The eFoodcard program is fast and easy to use on any device, including phones and tablets. Your food handlers card will be valid for 3 years, and includes unlimited printing. Just 3 easy steps to earn a certificate of course completion and official California food handlers card!

All instructional materials and exams are available in English and Spanish. Food handlers pay only when they pass!

The eFoodcard Training Program is America’s official food handler course. It is recognized and approved by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) ID 1138, a leader in standards and conformity assessment that serves both U.S. business and the public good.

*eFoodcard does not train in Riverside County, San Diego County or San Bernardino County.

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