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eFoodcard's writing team is dedicated to providing the latest resources to promote safe food handling and responsible alcohol service. We are committed to connecting employees and businesses with information and online education options that help protect the public health and keep workers safe.

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Our professional staff writers bring decades of experience with backgrounds in journalism, marketing, public relations, research, technical writing and business. This eclectic mix ensures a well-rounded approach to delivering insightful content on food safety.

With a collective commitment to excellence, our team explores the intricacies of food safety regulations, delves into industry best practices and communicates these essential insights in a way that resonates with a broad audience.

Whether you're a food handler who needs training, a food manager seeking certification or a bartender requiring alcohol seller-server training, eFoodcard is your trusted industry resource. Our writers provide professional, insightful and compelling perspectives to keep you informed on the latest food and alcohol regulations for your state.

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  • Food Handler Card Training
  • Food Manager Certification
  • Preventing Foodborne Illness
  • Identifying Food Safety Risks
  • Responsible Beverage Service
  • Hygiene Best Practices
  • State Laws and Regulations