Food Safety Educators (FSE) Certificate Programs Complaint Policy

Complaint Form

Please provide the following information to allow Food Safety Educators to proceed with the complaint process:

  • Date of Complaint
  • Complainant's Name
  • Complaint's Certificate Number
  • Email associated with the eFoodcard account
  • Description of complaint



Background to this Policy

FSE recognizes the importance of having great customer service and fairness in order to achieve strategic and operational plans. FSE is committed to providing an environment that is conducive to effective compliant resolution within the eFoodcard certificate program.

Aim of this Policy

To provide a framework for processing customer complaints necessary to deliver on FSE's strategic and operational plans.

Scope of this Policy

This policy relates to all complaints received by FSE staff.

Policy Statements


Individuals with concerns regarding the assessments, personnel, or other elements of the certificate program are encouraged to discuss these with the individuals involved to try to resolve the matter informally. In some cases, however, informal resolution is not possible, and individuals may wish to file a formal complaint.


A complaint shall be submitted by email to Customer Service which will be reviewed by the Operations Manager and Food Safety Educators Chief Operations Officer within 90 days of the incident occurrence. In the case of complaints related to a course or assessment administration, complaint must be submitted by email within 10 days after the applicable course/assessment administration. The submission shall include sufficient objective evidence to substantiate the claims and allow for a decision to be made and the appropriate action to be taken. Dissatisfaction based on hearsay shall not be considered as evidence to substantiate a complaint. Anonymous complaints shall not be considered.


The Operations Manager and Chief Operations Officer shall serve as the first level of complaint consideration to determine its validity. He or she shall investigate the circumstances of any valid complaint and 1) determine and implement corrective action, 2) refer the complaint to a different suitable staff member to determine and implement corrective action, or 3) escalate it to the appropriate Certificate Program Advisory Panel for review. If addressed by staff, the Chief Operations Officer shall communicate the resolution to the complainant within a period of no longer than 60 days.


If a complaint is found to warrant escalation, the appropriate Certificate Program Advisory Panel Chair(s) is notified and the complaint shall be reviewed by the Certificate Program Advisory Panel and a decision shall be communicated to the complainant within a period of no longer than 60 days.


The determination of staff or a Certificate Program Advisory Panel is appealable and the Appeals policy shall apply.


All complaints and dispositions shall be recorded in the Complaints Register, which shall be maintained by the Chief Operations Officer. The Complaints Register shall be reviewed periodically or during program evaluation, to identify the need for corrective or preventive action.


  1. Complaint must be emailed within 90 days of incident to Customer Service and reviewed by the Operations Manager and Chief Operations Officer.
  2. Chief Operations Officer will make a determination with input from the Chief Financial Officer. The COO may refer the complaint to the Advisory Panel for review.
  3. If a staff decision is rendered complainant will be notified by email within 30 days.
  4. If the Advisory Panel is involved with the decision an additional 60 days may be required.
  5. The complainant may respond or file an appeal within 30 days of date of complaint email decision.